UAV Industries is a fully licensed drone Aerial Service Provider (ASP) that  is legally allowed to operate an ROC drone operations compliance service, also known as Remote Aerial Service Partnership (RASP) to other companies in South Africa.  

Our UAVI ROC drone RASP enables you to operate in a legal and compliant manner, with significant cost savings, while benefitting from all of UAV Industries’ certificates, approvals, experience and full operational control, accelerating your time to market and saving substantial setup costs.

  • Legal and compliant drone operations
  • Significantly reduced cost to operate drones
  • Accelerated time to market
  • Improved productivity
  • Simplified single monthly charge / drone


  • Fully compliant and audited SA CAA Part 101 ROC
  • All compliance is provided as a service per drone
  • No per-flight costs
  • Simplified sign-on process for your drones and pilots
  • Pilot online platform for flight approvals
  • Includes advice and guidance to assist you with safe and legal drone operations


Step 1: Advise us of the industry sector to check our certificates cover your intended operations..

Step 2: Send us a list of your equipment and pilots.

Step 3: We complete the sign-on to our platform, and the SACAA compliance steps.

Step 4: Go out and fly!

Thinking of starting your own ROC? 

Our UAVI ROC offer makes more financial sense.

  • Very long process. It takes 18-24 months,
  • External ROC consultant costs start at R200k to setup the ROC,
  • Post holder salary costs for the setup period R400 000,
  • Drones purchased at start of process incur depreciation of 75% over time (assume R150 000 spent on drones),
  • Estimated monthly (operating costs) once operational to remain compliant: R75 000 – R150 000 a month.

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